2022 Changes to Heavenly Scent

Steve Mathews (owner) will be retiring after 30 years of greenhouse operations.
Thanks so much for supporting our greenhouse business. It was a pleasure to
grow those ginormous hanging baskets, herbs, annuals, etc. Your loyalty will
never be forgotten.

Reason for Retirement?

Skye and Papa making memories!

Kathy Mathews has retired from all events, including showers and weddings. It
was such an honor to host those events over the past 12 years.

Reason for Retirement?

Making sure that Papa doesn’t get all the memories.
We will sell only topiaries and scented geraniums in our entrance garden.

Shoppe Hours

Tuesday thru Saturday, 10 to 5
March thru December

Garden Viewing Hours

Tuesday thru Saturday, 10 to 5
Gardens will continue to be planted and maintained in the usual fashion. Feel
free to bring a lunch and dine on our back patio.

May Day/Faerie Festival

We will no longer be hosting this event. Please fell free to dress up with your
faerie wings and fly through our gardens any time we are open.


Visiting our shoppe and strolling through our gardens.
Unique garden art to include cement statuary, iron trellises, benches, and stands,
plus chimes, colorful whirligigs, hummingbird feeders and more.

Mark your calendar for our 36th Annual Summer Herb Faire on August 27th, from 10 to 5 and August 28th from 11 to 4

We welcome senior pictures, family, and wedding photo shoots in the gardens.
Please call during business hours to schedule your appointments. Cost is based on the size of your group.

Check Facebook or website for upcoming events and classes.