Saturday October 14th

Silk Scarf Tie Dying - Revisited

Great NEW class!
This isn’t the tie dyeing technique from the 1960-70’s. Using a silk scarf and men’s 100% silk ties, Nadine Cloutier will guide you in cutting up the ties to create an exciting and artistic mosaic design on silk. This only works with a silk scarf, a dye transfer technique, and heat. You will be provided with a 100% silk, 11” x 60” scarf and Nadine will bring more tie pieces to add to your collection. Please bring a pair of sharp scissors, and at least three, 100% silk ties (to get results all ties MUST be 100% silk). Shop the thrift stores or ask your husband, brother, or grandfather to retire some of their older ties. BEST results are achieved using ties with a graphic design, small motifs, dots, and stripes. Ties should have deep colors like red, blue, dark green, and black. Light colors DO NOT PRINT. At the end of class, you will take home a colorful and beautiful scarf!