Saturday October 7th
11:00 - 1:00

Seasonal Inspirations: Appetizers and Arrangements

Kathy and Steve Mathews will co-instruct during this dynamic presentation for Halloween and Christmas. You will learn to create TWO appetizers and TWO arrangements in one class! First, Steve Mathews will show you how to create “The Blood Shot Eye,” a fun appetizer made with puff pastry, hardboiled eggs, black olives, avocados and a red pepper sauce. It will be frightfully delicious!
Next, you’ll take a break from cooking to create a 12” free-form bittersweet wreath. Kathy will guide you in this fun project as you use bittersweet that grows on the grounds of Heavenly Scent. Finish your wreath with a pretty bow and you have a lovely fall accent for home!
Switch gears once more and the focus becomes Christmas. Steve will create a savory appetizer using baked brie, cranberries, pecans and a scrumptious fig sauce. It’s much easier than it sounds and we think you’ll be inspired to serve it at all of your holiday gatherings!
Your final project for the afternoon is a beautiful, nature-inspired arrangement. Beginning with several birch sticks, Kathy will show you how to bundle them together and create an arrangement with cedar, berries and salal, along with a bird. You can lay this arrangement on a table or hang it on the wall.